Episode 1: Chyrisse Heine


Welcome to Looking Inside Speech Pathology; a podcast about Speech Pathologists and the people we work with.

In our first episode, I interview Dr. Chyrisse Heine. Chyrisse is a speech pathologist and audiologist who was born in South Africa. She came to Australia in the 1980s and has had an immense impact on the professions of speech pathology and audiology. She has taken on more roles than you will find in a country bakery.

“If I can help anybody in any capacity, I am very happy to be contacted” – Heine, C. (2016)

How to contact Chyrisse:

email: C.Heine@latrobe.edu.au

phone (private practice): 9 500 8766

twitter: @Chyrisse_Heine

Opening and closing theme: Bright Future – Silent Partner: https://youtu.be/j-eUXXW95Rg